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Thinking Efficiently: How to deal with Cognitive overload

We live in a world of constant stimulation. Where data is pumped to us through multiple channels both in real time and asynchronously. Our primary place of work is no longer just our physical locale but an ever expanding virtual realm of shifting workspaces with differing workflows. This unprecedented level of knowledge and connectedness has …

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Making meetings effective

I have too many meetings. I know it’s a consequence of collaboration and being inclusive in the workplace. I appreciate team gatherings are great to build relationships, nurture innovation and ensure clear exchange of information. All undeniably important benefits that spur productivity overall. Why then do so many of us loathe having to attend more …

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3 Ways to Positive Communication

When I was a new graduate working in a high pressure hospital environment; I would be in awe of the effortless way the specialists would manage their teams all the while radiating an aura of reassuring competence. Their teams would know what was needed and when the inevitable emergency would come crashing through the swinging …

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