Siri sucks at email.

But to be fair, Siri isn’t designed to be good at work.

Time is flying, we’ve been in Lisbon for a full month with Techstars and Semapa. These first weeks have been full of great mentors and other teams from all over the world, experiencing the pressure to move our product forward, and at the same time, enjoying this amazing city.

One of the questions we constantly receive while talking about what we do is –

“How are you guys different from Siri or Google assistant?”

As soon as people hear our pitch starting with “a voice-first productivity…..”, it seems they try to connect with something they are already familiar with, such as Siri or Google assistant. I was searching for a better way to describe our business, then I met Mr. Miguel Ventura @Semapa in Techstars Lisbon’s mentor sessions who gave us a clear way to put this – A picture is worth a thousand words.

Think about the last time you tried to email or task someone on any current voice assistant tools. It probably went like this –

Me: “Send an email to Brian.”
VA: “Which Brian?”
Me: (Select the right Brian.)
VA: “What’s the message?”
Me: “Can you send me the doc by tomorrow?
VA: (Confirm the message by reading it back to me.)
“Send it?” or “Change it?”
Me: “Send it.”
VA: “Ok, sent.”

The cognitive overload, repeated confirmations, and the wait time until the voice assistant is finally done with its process make the whole user experience slow and frustrating.

Verbz solves the problem by letting me forget about the busy work (picking the right Brian’s email address and contextualizing important data such as the due dates). In our model, I talk directly to Brian without an assistant interfering. This is really important for frequent interactions, like with coworkers!

One of our design principles is to mimic the natural human behavior between coworkers. In the office, when we talk to our colleagues, we call their names to bring their attention, then we ask for certain tasks. With Verbz, users can do the same on mobile from anywhere. Our goal is to stay out the way, and analyze and enrich what was said. This data can then be used in workflow, without disrupting natural conversation.

Be an early adopter. Get on our waitlist.

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